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Random Quote: “Did you ever go into the refrigerator and come up with an empty plate? Boy, that gets me to wondering. Did something eat something else? Maybe the olives ate the tuna? Maybe that chicken isn’t really dead yet? Actually, I just picture a mouse with gloves and a parka on, just waiting for the light to go out.” – George Carlin, from “A Place for My Stuff”

The Sealed Book

previously streamed “The Sealed Book” shows
  Show Titles Date Streamed Total Duration File Size / Download
“Man with the Stolen Face” • “Design for Death” • “Death Spins a Web”2013-02-2201:28:59
“Escape by Death” • “Time on My Hands” • “Death Laughs Last”2013-05-2701:30:36
“Beware of Tomorrow” • “To Have and to Hold” • “Murderer Unknown”2013-07-1801:30:31
“The Ghost Makers” • “I’ll Die Laughing” • “Queen of the Cats”2014-01-2601:30:49
“Death Storm House” • “Welcome Home” • “My Beloved Must Die”2014-03-0601:30:41
“Till Death Do Us Part” • “Death Rings Down the Curtain” • “You Only Die Once”2014-03-2601:30:44
“Stranger in the House” • “Out of the Past” • “Broadway, Here I Come!”2014-04-2101:30:43
“Devil Island” • “Hands of Death” • “King of the World”2017-04-2501:28:11
The Sealed Book – “Accusing Corpse” • “Murder Must Be Paid For” / The Unexpected – “Heat Wave” • “Heard but Not Seen”2018-04-2501:25:17
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