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– Crime Classics

previously streamed “Crime Classics” shows
  Show Titles Date Streamed Total Duration File Size / Download
“Bunny Baumler” • “The Triangle on the Round Table” • “James Evans, Fireman: he Extinguished a Human Torch”2014-02-2601:31:00
“The Lethal Habit of Marquise de Brinvilliers” • “Mr. Jonathon Jewett, He Cheated the Hangman” • “The Death of a Baltimore Birdie and Friend”2014-08-0501:31:34
“Mr. Clarke’s Skeleton in Mr. Aram’s Closet, the Noise it Made” • “The Assassination of Leon Trotsky” • “The Tiger and Brad Ferguson”2014-11-1101:33:17
“John Hayes, His Head, And How they were Parted” • “The Seven Layered Arsenic Cake of Madame Lafarge” • “The Hangman and William Palmer, Who Won?”2015-02-1201:30:40
“Robby Boy Balfour” • “Twenty Three Knives against Caesar” • “The Incredible History of John Shepard”2015-04-0301:29:44
“Widow Magee and the Three Gypsies, a Vermont Fandango” • “Ali Pasha, A Turkish Delight” • “Good Evening, My Name is Jack the Ripper”2015-05-1301:29:16
“Madeline Smith – Maid or Murderess?” • “The Good Ship Jane, Why She Became Flotsam” • “The Boorn Brothers and the Hangman, a Study in Nip and Tuck”2015-09-2901:32:05
“The Crime of Bathsheba Spooner” • “The Shockingly Peaceful Passing of Thomas Edwin Bartlett” • “The Checkered Life And Sudden Death of Colonel James Fisk Junior”2015-12-1701:28:39
“Death of a Picture Hanger” • “The Terrible Deed of Dr. John White Webster” • “The Shrapnelled Body of Charles Drew Senior”2016-03-2101:32:09
“The Final Day of General Ketchem” • “Mr. Thrower’s Hammer” • “The Axe and Droot Family, How They Fared”2016-08-1001:31:41
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To find out what the day’s stream will be, to contact DJ Jeo Chronis to request a show, and for all the ways to listen to Audio Theatre, please go to the AT Streams page. Happy listening!

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