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Ganahee’s Media Centre

– The Adventures of Sam Spade

previously streamed “The Adventures of Sam Spade” shows
  Show Titles Date Streamed Total Duration File Size / Download
“The Chateau McCloud Caper” • “The String of Death Caper” • “The Soap Opera Caper”2018-04-0901:27:35
“The Gold Key Caper” • “The Apple of Eve Caper” • “The 25-12345679 Caper”2018-09-2801:20:46
“The Dog Bed Caper” • “The Farmer’s Daughter Caper” • “The Prodigal Panda Caper”2019-02-1201:27:45
“The Lawless Caper” • “The Lazarus Caper” • “The Hot 100 Grand Caper”2019-09-1001:30:02
“The Indian Caper” • “The Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail Caper” • “The Dry Gulch Caper”2019-12-1001:28:01
“Sam and the Psycho Ward” • “The Wheel of Life Caper” • “The Bail Bond Caper” • “The Rushlight Diamond Caper”2020-09-2901:59:00
“The Biddle Riddle Caper” • “The Red Star Caper” • “The Cloak and Dagger Caper”2020-12-0801:26:46
“The Critical Author Caper” • “The Vaphio Cup Caper” • “The Dick Foley Caper” • “The Sugar Kane Caper”2021-03-3001:59:51
“The Betrayal in Bumpus Hell Caper” • “The Love Letter Caper” • “Edith Hamilton” • “The Battles of Belvedere”2021-05-0401:41:42
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To find out what the day’s stream will be, to contact DJ Jeo Chronis to request a show, and for all the ways to listen to Audio Theatre, please go to the AT Streams page. Happy listening!

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