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Planet Man

previously streamed “Planet Man” shows
  Show Titles Date Streamed Total Duration File Size / Download
“Orbit the Moon” • “Cosmic Communicator” • “Marston to Attack Earth” • “Discussing Marston” • “Kidnapping Order” • “Billy and Jane Need Help” • “Hoping for a Miracle”2021-09-0401:26:31
SF68 – “The Noon’s Repose” / Planet Man – “Billy, Jane, and Ship” • “Three–D Dantro” • “Marston Dead” • “On a Scout Ship” • “Preparing to Blast Off” • “Discussing Venus”2021-09-2501:40:00
“Captured by the Dusters” • “Captives on Venus” • “Back to the Prison Cell” • “Dantro Help Us” • “Plot to Destroy Venus” • “Venus Minister Traitor”2021-10-0201:03:36
“Encounter with Pirates” • “Pirates Attack Dantro” • “Alarm Alerts Pirates” • “Slick and Blackie” • “An Ancient Space Ship” • “Searching for Asteroid” • “Trying to Find Dantro”2021-10-0901:25:39
“Searching for Planeteer” • “Planeteer Spotted” • “Prospector Finds Billy” • “Surrounded by Mines” • “Uranium on Asteroid” • “Where’s the Kids?” • “Judge’s Problem”2021-10-1601:25:12
“Strange Goings On” • “Dantro Controlled” • “Slats is Fed Up” • “Slats Tricks Dantro” • “Marston Has Communicator” • “Marston’s Spy Ring” • “Hunt for the Ancients”2021-10-2301:27:08
“Encountering New Race” • “Son and Toor Watching” • “Beings From Libra” • “Sulfur Breather Being” • “Must Obey Zen” • “Klee Will Use Dantro” • “Astro Drive Broken”2021-10-3001:26:12
“Slats Suspicious” • “Touring Mardee” • “Council Denies Request” • “Secret Council” • “Firing Squad” • “Trying to Save Judge” • “Gaza Talking to Marston”2021-11-0601:25:42
“Dantro Goes to Alpha” • “Barrow’s Expedition” • “Crash Landing” • “Space Ship Graveyard” • “Slats Headed for Death” • “Contacting the Mardee” • “Insect Planet”2021-11-1301:25:31
“Destroy the Generator” • “Dantro Frees Prisoners” • “Fighting Insect Men” • “New Adventure Begins” • “A Robot Civilization” • “Transporter to Orientor” • “Robot012 Takes Over”2021-11-2001:25:33
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