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Previous “Detective” streams
Series Name Total Streams First Streamed Most Recent Stream
21st Precinct182014-12-082021-04-20
Adventures of Ellery Queen, The62014-07-062020-12-29
Adventures of Nero Wolfe, The82015-10-132020-04-14
Adventures of Philip Marlowe, The112013-05-052020-02-04
Adventures of Sam Spade, The192012-11-172021-05-04
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The252012-12-152021-03-09
Adventures of the Falcon, The182013-07-212021-04-06
Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator82013-09-052020-09-08
Blackstone, Magic Detective32013-12-072017-03-28
Boston Blackie232012-11-232021-02-23
Broadway Is My Beat132015-01-282021-02-02
Bulldog Drummond92014-06-072019-12-03
Calling All Cars32016-01-202020-03-17
Candy Matson42016-03-042017-09-11
Casebook of Gregory Hood32013-09-282019-12-24
Casey, Crime Photographer122014-09-032021-02-16
Crime and Peter Chambers52015-01-162021-05-11
Dangerous Assignment92013-04-022021-01-05
Fat Man, The62013-08-202020-07-07
FBI in Peace and War, The42018-02-272020-08-18
It’s a Crime, Mr. Collins22015-06-282018-06-19
Jeff Regan, Investigator42013-08-282019-08-20
Let George Do It202013-12-122021-02-09
Line-Up, The102014-06-142016-10-02
Man From Homicide, The32017-08-022019-05-28
Michael Shayne, Private Detective62013-10-192020-06-02
Mr. and Mrs. North92015-07-192018-12-08
Mr. District Attorney42013-09-162018-10-04
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons52014-06-212020-05-12
Murder By Experts52013-08-312017-11-26
Mystery Is My Hobby202013-10-052020-11-17
Nick Carter, Master Detective122013-03-252020-06-09
Night Beat62013-07-052020-06-16
Pat Novak for Hire42013-03-062016-05-06
Philo Vance102014-02-052020-04-07
Richard Diamond, Private Detective172013-11-062020-02-18
Rogue’s Gallery72014-11-172019-08-06
Saint, The102013-07-122020-11-10
Shadow, The562012-11-162020-03-03
Squad Cars42014-12-152019-01-03
Thin Man, The22015-06-122016-01-08
This Is Your FBI212012-12-212020-05-26
Under Arrest22018-09-102018-10-12
Unit 99112014-10-162021-04-27
Whisperer, The42014-07-032018-12-16
Whitehall 121242015-02-042021-03-23
Yours Truely, Johnny Dollar662013-03-222020-10-13
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