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Random Quote: “For millions of years, mankind lived, just like the animals. then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination – we learned to talk.” – Stephen J. Hawking

The Hermit’s Cave

previously streamed “The Hermit’s Cave” shows
  Show Titles Date Streamed Total Duration File Size / Download
“House of Murder” • “Buried Alive” • “The Vampire’s Desire”2013-05-2401:14:03
“From Another World” • “Hanson’s Ghost” • “Crimson Hand”2013-06-0501:27:29
“The House of Purple Shadows” • “The Search for Life” • “Spirit Vengeance”2013-11-1501:14:24
“Reflected Image” • “The Professor’s Elixir” • “The Black Band”2014-03-0701:18:46
“Author of Murder” • “Blackness of Terror” • “It Happened on Sunday”2014-06-1101:15:24
“Mr. Randall’s Discovery” • “Castle by the Sea” • “The House on Lost Man’s Bluff”2015-11-2801:14:01
“Mystery of the Strange Thing” • “The House with a Past” • “Plantation Mystery”2017-06-0401:19:05
“Spirits of Vengeance” • “The Nameless Day” • “Notebook on Murder”2017-06-2901:16:17
“Castle by the Sea” • “Fever (509)” • “House on Lost Man’s Bluff”2017-08-1701:17:51
The Hermit’s Cave – “Mr. Randall’s Discovery” • “Without End” • “Interview of Toby Grimmer” / The Strange Doctor Weird – “Murder, One Million BC”2017-10-1201:15:33
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